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my emo random half cut mouth makeup… half me, half my tumblr character.

my tumblr character is a proxy, insane, tramatized girl. she has almost near to no emotion because of slenderman. she wants help but she knows its impossible to escape. she doesnt fear slenderman but he puts fear into her and feeds off that. like his doll on strings. she doesnt have a name, if she does she cant remember people just call her girl, or she. underneath her mask is a cut up face. a smile. that happened being attacked by a young man in a hood when she was in the woods. normally she doesnt know where she is and gets lost. she has no recolection of anything happing before she crossed paths with slenderman. she has but a few outfits, a laptop, and a knife.  

(this is my own character i just have taken bits and pieces from creepypasta and marble hornets and turned it into my own little fanfict. not claiming any rights over anything that i have not created.) i hope you just enjoy my fanfict character and my makeups~

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